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My name is Kolappan. I am a full stack developer primarily working in .Net and SQL. You can check out my resume for more details. Besides being a portfolio website, this site is home to most of my GitHub projects and their documentation. Click on a project to know more about it.


Consolidated changelog & updates.

Active Projects

Simple CSV Logger
Log into a csv file

This is a C# logger class which logs error and other debug info as comma separated values into a CSV file instead of a text file as it is usually done.

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Warn your users

SXW.js is an open-source javascript library that is used to display configurable console warnings to users aginst Self XSS attacks and help prevent it.

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AMP Blogger Templates
Why not give it a try?

This is an attempt to implement Google's Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) in Blogger. These template take advantage of the custome template feature present in Blogger.

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Acrylic CSS
CSS for acrylic design

A simple css stylesheet for creating acrylic effect / frozen glass effect in websites. This is inpired from Microsoft's Fluent Design Language in Windows 10.

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Accordion JS
A plain vanilla js accordion

This is a dropdown or accordion implemented in javascript without any third party library. Useful for those who prefer lightweight accordion.

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Expense Manager List
Category lists required for expense manager

This repository contains income and expense categories that can be used in an expense manager application. The data is available in YAML and JSON format.

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Old Projects (Discontinued)

C# Web API helpers
A helper class for creating web-api responses

This project demonstrates on using a helpers class in C# Web API Project to create responses. The responses and http status codes are automatically generated by the helper class.

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Language Packs for Code2Go
Extend the code editor

The language packs for Code2Go enhances the usablity of the Windows Phone code editor. It adds support for more prgramming languages by adding keyword, rules and syntax highlighting.

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Here is a list of blogs that I write and maintain. In addition, I also write articles on Medium and Linkedin sometimes.